Winter fabrics are typically obtained from animal fibers. Our winter collections include classical fabrics and fabrics which sport the most innovative use of color and designs, also 3D.

Plain fabrics, they have a typical wavy and slightly wrinkled appearance, which gives the fabric its original name. They start from a canvas (or satin) basis; weft and warp yarns have opposite tension. Winter crêpe fabrics are made of wool.

Very soft fabrics. Angora goat hairs from which the Mohair is obtained have features similar to silk; the alpaca fiber is appreciated for its thermal properties, lightness and silky touch.

Melton is the ideal fabric for making men's and women's coats (in its heavy version) and suits (in its light version). It has a medium weight of wool and it’s warm and soft. It is partially felted, and the texture is hardly visible.

The use of dyed yarns can result in patterns (squared and striped), distinctive features (such as the Pied de poule and Prince of Wales) or fancy designs.

With the Raschel machines we can produce fabrics with the most varied designs, especially 3D designs.

Typical fabrics obtained from bouclé yarns, which get their name after the many ringlets they are made up with. They have a soft spongy and firm 'hand'. If the yarn ringlets are very small, they take the name of Frisé fabrics.

These medium-weight fabrics have a very marked typical lining, which can have horizontal lines of different thickness.

Buttoned fabrics have irregularities and redundant threads that create peculiar patterns. They are called buttoned because their irregularities are similar to small buttons and the yarns used to produce them are called buttoned as well.

Jersey is not technically a woven fabric but a knitted one since it is manufactured with knitting machines. It is elastic both in length and in width and is incredibly versatile, which makes it suitable for various applications, ranging from clothing to furnishings.

Doubled or padded doubled fabrics, they originate from the coupling of two or three crêpe fabrics.