Wool blend is a composite fabric obtained from the combination of wool with linen, silk or cotton, depending on the desired outcome in terms of lightness, elasticity, softness and versatility.
Light and cool crêpe-effect fabrics made from linen and cotton.
Colorful cotton fabrics, piece dyed, that are used to make outerwear and dresses.
As an alternative to the piece-dyed fabrics, summer wool blend, linen and cotton fabrics can be manufactured using colored threads, in order to obtain fabrics with fancy patterns and designs.
Linen fibers are mostly made of cellulose, and their fabrics have a cold and gliding hand, and a shiny appearance. Summer suits and dresses made of plain linen are light and cool.


Summer fabrics can be obtained from animal fibers (wool, silk) or vegetable fibers (cotton, linen). The use of different yarns, designs and colors can create ever new combinations.