Story of a brand which has made History.

It was the year 1946. The war had finished not long before, leaving Italy devastated, wounded, at the end of its strength. It was thanks to tenacity, courage and great entrepreneurial abilities that Vittorio Rinaldi, one late November morning, decided to give legal shape to his activity of fabric production and – despite the difficulties connected to history – transform it into a woollen mill.

The post-war economic thrust, interpreted correctly, allowed Rinaldi’s company to grow and strengthen into a solid industry, capable of bringing together the knowledge of craftsmen, gift from a glorious past, and the ever-newer professionality that the technological development of those years was starting to form.

Side by side with Giovanni Vietti, friend and partner, Rinaldi’s project soon managed to raise the funds and resources to start up the company in Crevacuore. They reached their first encouraging results and again bet on the future, venturing the expansion of its plant and its transfer to Borgosesia – where Tessitura di Crevacuore has its premises still today – Italian heart of the fabric and wool sectors, in the north of Piedmont, among green valleys, where the presence of particularly “hard” water (suited to working wool) has encouraged the spread of companies in this particular sector.

After sixty years of work, passion, research, Tessitura di Crevacuore has not stopped, indeed continually relaunching itself, evolving from a technological point of view and never cutting off the thread which connects it to the century-old tradition of the textile sector.

Today, Marco Rinaldi, sons Giorgio and Andrea, nephew Alberto, together with Michele Pizzi – Giovanni Vietti’s nephew – continue along their predecessors’ path. The company, having reached its third generation, produces fabric which is presented the world over, in shows dedicated to women’s prêt-à-porter and high fashion. Thanks to the desire to guide the thread that still today solidly ties it to the distant roots of its origin towards the future.